dimanche 7 novembre 2010

Une demi-douzaine de canons

Painted the night before the GNFX : I forgot to post them, so here they are !

Peint la nuit précédent la GNFX : J'avais oublié de poster les photos, donc les voici !

(WestWind miniatures/figurines)

5 commentaires:

  1. Very nice. Some are clearly AT, are the big ones heavy AT, or howitzers?

    For guns and similar, though, I don't quite like rectangular bases; I think round or irregular bases look better on the table.

  2. @BRB well, rectangular bases are easier to cut in cardboard : and I agree that some circular ones would be better... Would you make some for me if I give you the size I need ? ;-)

    canons are :
    1 x russian 57mm ZIS-2 Anti Tank Gun
    2 x russian 76mm ZIS-3 Anti Tank Gun
    3 x German PAK 40 Anti Tank Gun

    @moipasfou : oui... j'ai même fait la grasse matinée jusqu'à 9h00 ce matin ! (j'en profite pour remercier ma fille).

  3. Hi Greg, I buy very cheap circular bases on eBay; if you want some I could get them for you. The biggest I've seen are 60mm diameter but I expect they would cut them larger. They are very thin and look great...

  4. 60 is one of the GW standard sizes. I would more need around 90 mm myself. I may be interrested depending on the price. Any link ?