samedi 29 août 2009

TOEMP round 3 : Finished !

OK, that is 2 fast attack choice. Also, I've put some miniatures on the bases to add the 5 bonus points. So I'll count only 3 sentinels and do not detail the miniatures on the bases (I wont count separate points for the lens of the infantry, as an exemple).

edit : the green #2 have its front lamps painted (right after making the pictures)

Standard Painting Points
Walkers/ Creatures – 5 points each => 15


Icons/ Symbols/ Marks – 1 point per model : => 3
Eyes/ Lenses/ View Finders – 1 point per model => 3
Walker/ Large Monsters/ Vehicles/ Chariots Details (accessories) and Freehand – 5 points per model => Not sure on that one

Meeting Deadline – 2 points => 2
Beating Deadline by atleast 24 hours – 2 points => 2

Detilled bases : 5 pts
Total is 35 to 50

9 commentaires:

  1. Holy cow! You certainly cranked those sentinels out - Nicely done!

    I really like the sense of motion you've captured in the build, and adding a couple advancing infantry on the bases is a great touch - I would have never thought of that.

    Keep up the great work!

  2. The infantry is a cute idea. Nice.

  3. That is some impressive painting speed... and they look really good, too! Keep up the great work!

  4. Yikes, I hadn't even decided what I was going to paint up for this part of the challenge. Good job on them, they look pretty good.

  5. Great work mate - you certainly know how to get the job done! Really nicely painted and just a great bunch to look at! For your Walker painting points surely you have 30 points instead of 15 as you have 6 Walkers at 5 points each?

  6. @ALL : thanks for your nice and motivating comments.

    @UnforgivenAngel : The Sentinel fast attack choice is 1 to 3 sentinels. I've painted 2 fast attack choices. The challenge was one fast attack choice. The 3 other sentinels are just been painted "out of contest".

    My main doubt is on the "Details (accessories) and Freehand" bonus points as I have made some minor conversions on the vehicles but I'm not sure if I can pretend to those 5 points as the conversions are close to invisible.

  7. Woah! That was fast! They look great (which leaves me in awe of your painting speed to get such good results) and the infantry on the bases give them a more dynamic feeling and really make them seem like part of the advancing army.

  8. Again, impressively fast work while maintaining a high level of quality with the painting. I agree with everyone else who thinks the infantry advancing on the bases of the Sentinels adds a very cinematic touch to the squadron.