vendredi 28 août 2009


I've started to work on TOEMP turn 3 : I've cleaned the sentinels from the previous paint, re-glued them and added some magnets so I can swap weapons at will.

J'ai commencé à travaillé sur le TOEMP 3 : J'ai décapé mes sentinelles, je les ai recolées et j'ai ajouté des aimants pour pouvoir modifier leur armement à volonté.

This turn challenge :

Deadline: 6th Sept 2009 midnight Please choose between the following 2 options: Choosing or creating a special character for your force - this can also include a Command Squad or Honour Guard, for example Marneus Calgar and his Command Squad, or simply Marneus Calgar. The character can be made up, and if this is the case 5 bonus points will be awarded for creating a specification sheet/ profile for your chosen character. 5 more bonus points will be awarded for a large amount of conversion work - by this I mean more than an arm/ weapon swap and atleast using 2 grams of green stuff.


A fast attack/ special choice option for your army. This can be sentinels, daemonettes, bikes etc. A bonus 5 points can be earned by modelling or adding detail to the bases. For example standing your models over a few skulls, adding some dead enemies to the floor, creating a small ruin that your building is crashing or passing through. Good luck everyone! I hope you can all have fun with this challenge. As you will notice there is no specific point limit, so it is down to you to take encouragement from the group to get as much done as you see fit to do, wether is it 40 points of bikers, or 100 points of daemons!

3 commentaires:

  1. You sir are a mad man, 6 Sentinels? What am i saying you will probably have them done by tomorrow night.

    In all seriousness, I like what I have seen so far and I am looking foward to seeing how the Sentinels turn out.

    Well I guess I need to up my game for Challenge 3, let see what I can get done. Thank you for pushing me.

  2. @HuronBH : you motivated me to finish them one day sooner !