vendredi 21 août 2009


My Elite choice for the TOEMP : A squad of 5 ogryns for a total of 210 pts.

Standard Painting Points

40 mm bases – 2 points each : 10
Icons/ Symbols/ Marks – 1 point per model : 5
Eyes/ Lenses/ View Finders – 1 point per model : 5
Meeting Deadline – 2 points : 2
Beating Deadline by atleast 24 hours – 2 points : 2
banner : 5

29 points (total 73)

And 2 Tallies !

11 commentaires:

  1. I thought you had to work today? Great job man, I am jealous. I am going to pull a big marathon of painting over the weekend and try to get a good chunk of my Griffons army done along with my entry for TOEMP 2 and had hoped to be the first one done as I did not finish the last one. Looks like I lose out on that trophy.

    The models are beautiful. I have to say my favorite detail piece is the banner, has a very second edition 40K artwork look to it and is very inspiring. It is the banner from the Plastic Black Orks right? Also like the very dirty, weathered feel you gave the unit. Like it has been out in the field for a while. I like to paint that way too.

    Well great work and I will get you next time gadget.

  2. Yep, I did work today. I left at 06:00 PM and did my best as I was expecting some competition from peoples like you )

    Now that you're no longer in panic of finishing first, you may want to finish the unfinished griffins AND the turn 2 ones ;-)

    About the banner, it s just too sad there s no bonus points for it. Not the ork one : it s the one from the Ogre Kingdoms Bulls boxed set.

    Thank you for your nice comments, can t wait to see your griffins )

  3. Fantastic work, Gregory! Damn, you beat the deadline by almost a week! "Deadlines? We don't need no steenkin' deadlines!"

    As usual, excellent, clean painting on the models. The reflections on the eye lenses are expertly done, the freehand on the banner has a very cool, weathered look as does the entire unit, actually.

    I was wondering if you were going to do anything else to the bases? It seems a bit minimalist at the moment, but maybe that's the effect you were going for?

  4. About the bases : I'm still not sure on what I'am going to do for the bases. The only thing I know is that I'll wait for the whole army to be finished before working on the bases. Until then, I'll keep them "minimalist". This being said, I'm starting to like the bases as they are.

  5. I did hit "send" too fast : thank you for teh very nice comments !

  6. Those are absolutely amazing - they definitely hail back to the old Rogue Trader days, and the conversion and paint work is top notch! I'm a big fan of Ogryns, and these are some of the most striking versions I've seen. Well done!

  7. Ils sont magnifiques, bravo greg !!!

  8. Great work my friend! I really like the banner!