mercredi 19 août 2009

My Lord ?

This evening, I came back, after a very long time, to my WH Bretonin Army. I've not painted anything for it since like a year after the release of the codex (when was it ?). I've checked what was painted and what was still to paint, and although I remembered a huge mountain of minies to paint, it no longer looks so impossible... We'll see.

Ce soir, j'ai "retrouvé" ma vieille armée de bretoniens pour WH. Je n'y avais pas touché depuis longtemps, l'ayant mise de côté environ un an après la sortie du codex. J'ai vérifié ce qu'il restait à peindre et contrairement à mes souvenirs, il n'y a pas trop de boulot...

The aim of the second (or is it the first ?) round of the TOEMP have been anounced : an Elite/Rare choice for a minimum value of 125 pts. I ran to my codex to find out what were my options... And decided to go for the ogryns. Yep, one of the bases is empty as the big guy is in the "bath" cleaning himself from previous painting.

L'objectif du second round (sauf si le premier était un round "0") du TOEMP vient d'être anoncé : un choix Elite/Rare pour une valeur minimale de 125pts. J'ai regardé quelles étaient mes options dans le codex et je me suis décidé pour des ogryns. L'un des socles est vide : le bourrin qui devrait l'occuper est en train de passer à la "trempette".

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  1. I love the Brits, very nicely done. Are you painting each knight differently and then painting groups of the peasants and men at arms he brings with him from his granted lands in a similar scheme? Very cool and historical if you are. Nice job either way.

    I can't wait to see what you do with those ogryn. Some of them are quite OOP but still very cool.

  2. OOP : yep, the 2 left ones on the pictures are from the end of 80', begining of 90' : they ve been painted many times before ! Personly, I have absolutely no problem with using OOP minies.

    the first one is from that time :

    the second is fromn there (you can recognise the sun glasses : body "1" !) :

  3. About each knight painted differently with his own group of peasants, yes, this is the way I m doing it. I did the same with a medieval army I painted recently :