samedi 1 août 2009

The Return of the Giant Zombie Hamster !

You may remember that the first real post I made on this blog was to show the finished green of the Giant Zombie Hamster. It should be available soon from the ERM Golgo Island Range. I am very proud of it. On the picture is a sample. The car is not incuded in the kit !

Certains se souviendrons peut-être que le premier vrai post de ce blog m'avait servi à montrer quelques photos du green du Giant Zombie Hamster. Il devrait être bientôt disponible chez ERM dans la gamme Golgo Island. J'en suis très fier. Vous pouvez en voir un exemple sur la photo. La voiture n'est pas fournie dans le kit.

4 commentaires:

  1. Félicitation,


  2. Brilliant stuff again! What are those post apocalyptic looking dudes on front of the hamster..? Those are good looking minis... I´m a big fan of Fallout, Mad Max, Steel Dawn, and all kind of "desert scifi". Would like to have those ;)

  3. They are old Grenadier scavengers, by Mark Copplestone. Some (or similar ones) are available from his webpage.

  4. You can get them from EM4 or Mirliton as well.

    Congrats on getting your first mini in production, Greg :)
    It was well worth the wait!

    Btw, you did miss a very good time this week-end :-/