lundi 5 octobre 2009

TOEMP challenge #6

Option 1

- 135 points of Troops or Elites/ Infantry/ Special. This can be 80 points of Elites and 55 of Troops if you wish, or any combination of both. If you choose this challenge your individual challenge is to try a technique you have never tried before and that is from the far list below titled 'Individual Challenges' from the Easy section.

Option 2

- A heavy/ rare option. This can be any Heavy/ Rare option from your books, and if you choose this option please choose an Individual Challenge from the 'Moderate' Section.

Option 3

A HQ/ Lord option - This can be a command squad or a single character. If you choose this option you must choose one of the 'Hard' challenges


For those of you who are really up for challenging yourselves during the TOEMP, please select one of the following Bonus Challenge Options:

- 50 points of troops
- The biggest model you have!
- A fast attack/ special option

Individual Challenges

Do something you never normally do:
- sanded/ grassed bases
- painted lens/ viewfinders
- arm swaps

- minor Conversion (greenstuff in small amounts, bitz box additions, etc all painted and modelled to a higher standard than usual)
- detailed bases (resin, plastic, green stuff, large rubbled, etc)

- A full on conversion. Green stuff pieces shaped and carved, awesome arm and weapon swaps and positioning or a complete change of head or body position. Convert that special character if you wish, or make that standard tank in to a fantastic command tank. A lot of work is needed to take this challenge on including scratch-builds and it is at your discretion as to what you consider a full on conversion but planning may be key!
- Every painting technique you know. Base-coating, shading, highlighting, stippling, everything-ing. Improvement is what we are going for!

Remember guys, only the challenges at the top are compulsory, the rest is optional and just to give us a great time with our hobby! For those of you who already do what is involved in the Individual Challenges then you unfortunately can't claim the extra points that these challenges confer, and instead you can refer to the standard scoring sheet, so for example if you usually paint lenses, you can't claim +5 points for the Individual Challenges, instead you do what we have been doing all along and add the points from the scoring sheet. The point of this isn't to confuse anyone but to push us to improve and to do things that we never ever get around to usually. For further info though:

Bonus Challenges +10 painting points
Easy Challenges +5 painting points
Moderate Challenges +10 painting points
Hard Challenges +15 painting points

The deadline for this challenge will be the 20th Of October at midnight guys, so let's have a great time with this. I hope you all like this new format of challenges etc, so any feedback is well appreciated. What you guys want to do with the challenges is crucial so let me know if you have a wish-list for the near future.

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