jeudi 10 septembre 2009

TOEMP 4 - Space Hulk - Incursion

Yesterday night, I was at my gaming club where I organised 2 games of Incursion for 4 players (2 teams of 2) who played the AC/DC mission. Once the game was launched, I played Space Hulk 3rd edition : there have been A LOT of rule modifications comapred to the V1. I would say that the marines are more powerfull nowadays.

Hier soir, j'étais au club et j'ai organisé 2 parties d'Incursion pour 4 joueurs (2 équipes de 2) qui ont joué la mission AC/DC. Une fois les parties lancées, j'ai joué à Space Hulk 3ème édition. Coontrairement à ce qui a pu être écrit ici ou là (voire sur ce blog), il y a eu BEAUCOUP de modifications par rapport à la V1. Je dirais que les marines sont un peu plus puissants.

6 commentaires:

  1. Those armored fist squads look amazing! Yet another brilliant paint job, I really like the suit-of-cards squad designation.

    I played a couple games of Space Hulk last weekend as well, definitely fun but very brutal! Can't wait to paint up the models as well.

    Keep up the great work!

  2. Thanks. I'll try to paint the eyes and the flag tonight.

  3. About Space Hulk. Really, rules mods? I would not know as I did not really play Space Hulk much back in v1, but one of GWs big advertising points has been that they are using the original rules set with new models/board.

    Can you give us some examples?