lundi 7 septembre 2009

TOEMP 4 - Challenge

Le prochain défi est / Next challenge is :

16th September 2009 (TO BE SENT OUT ON THE 7TH SEPTEMBER) - Open Challenge with a minimum points value of 60. This means that you guys get to choose anything you want, be it a squad, a tank, a chaos spawn, a titan, a conversion or a pack of hounds as long as they amount to more than 60 points as per codex/ army book. You choose it you make it. No point limit, just 10 days of getting your favourite unit finished. An extra 5 painting points will be issued for the challenge if they can create a short paragraph or two doing the following: explaining why they chose this unit/ squad etc to finish for this deadline - perhaps the models have been sitting on the shelf for ages, or perhaps you have been dying to paint that specific model since it was released. Of course you could just paint up a nice big tank or machinery and explain how you simply want to crush your enemies. Works for me!

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