dimanche 13 septembre 2009

TOEMP 4 : Done !

TOEMP challenge finished.

The heart squad was already painted and I've just made some tiny changes, like re-doing the blue on the shoulders and adding a radio. I painted those guys as there was already one squad which was not playable without a command platoon and a second squad. I was also willing to finish those chimeras that have been waiting for too long (as many others). For the first time in the TOEMP, I tried to take not "rush". So, now instead of having an alone squad that cant bbe played, I have a 315 pts troup choice (Ignoring the chimeras' options).

Standard Painting Points

Foot Sloggers (25mm bases) - 1 point each = 15
Vehicles/ Chariots/ Large Monsters – 10 points each = 30


Icons/ Symbols/ Marks – 1 point per model = 15
Eyes/ Lenses/ View Finders – 1 point per model = 15
Walker/ Large Monsters/ Vehicles/ Chariots Details (accessories) and Freehand – 5 points per model = 15

Meeting Deadline – 2 points = 2
Beating Deadline by atleast 24 hours – 2 points = 2

Bonus for writing why I painted them : 5

4 "tallies". (315pts instead of 60)

3 commentaires:

  1. That is a sweet looking little force. Thank you for sharing it with us.


  2. Nicely done! I'm not sure if you have already on your blog, but you must at some point put together a tutorial on speed painting. I'm sure a lot of it has to do purely with discipline on your part, but I'm sure there are techniques you've discovered that allow you to paint at such a uniformly high quality at such fast a pace.

  3. A speed painting tutorial would be great mate as Paul said, especially to your amazing standard of painting! Nice work on the new squad, they look brilliant,