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Paint Wargames Foundry Peinture

As an answer to Féodalfig on a previous post :

"ARgghh mais pourquoi je suis venu sur ce blog...

Elle est bien cette peinture? bon pouvoir de couverture? la quantité? c'est plus grand que les pots Citadel ?
Merci d'avance pour les réponses à ces questions à l'arracher ." <-- which could be simplified as "What is your opinion on the Foundry paint ?"

His question being related to a recent Wargames Foundry offer on books which granted you a chance to buy some of their paint at a "normal" price :
Check here to know if this is still available

Personnaly, I do like this paint. At least the colors I had a chance to test I think it is at least as good as the Citadel paint. The trick of the "color sets" (which let them sell you 3 pots instead of 1) is usually interresting but not always.

Quantity : each pot contain  20ml, knowing that  Prince August/Valéro are  17ml,  Citadel 12ml and  P3 (even if they have the same size as the WF) are 18ml.

As with those as with any the colors are all different, here is a description of the ones I bought, mainly to paint my napoleonics :

This set is the one I use the more. I may sometime forget the last pot 5C, but most of the time I use them all. I usually do 5A, Devlan Mud (Citadel Washe : DM), 5A again, 5B and finally 5C. I m happy that this set is part of the WF offer and I can 't wait to test teh "expert Flesh" set. The consistency of the color is good for my use.

I only use the 33B and 33C. the 33A is rarely used, alone. I use those colors for the white parts of my napoleonics. I usually do 33B, DM and 33C. Now, that s just a grey and a white : nothing fantastic. Very good consistency (as usually with most white paints).

Let's say it : 65A  is transparent but in the way I use it, it's not a big issue, even on a white undercoat. If you are looking for the real color of the french napoleonic blue (which is more black than blue : I know my subject on this specific matter). Now, the problem is that this darkish blue is not very sexy on a gaming table. As a consequence, I do not use it as often as I should. I quite regret that this set is part of the order I made. When I use it, I do : 65A, DM, 65A, 65B, 65C and eventually an "extreme" highlight with one of the colors from the set N°76 (any of the 3, depending on my mood).

I really like the 68B red (not as transparent as most red). I still have some dificulties with the 68A and C which I do not "manage" to use on my miniatures. I've recently started to use the 68A as a first or secont (after foundation red) coat. More rarely the 68C as an highlight (it s more red and less orange than on the picture). For most of my napoleonic british, I did Foundation red GW, DM, 68B. I'm working on using the 68C as a final highlight...

My favorite with the N°5 : not transparent and I really like the colors. I use it whenever I can (last time was with the Brunswick hussards). I use it as a set.

The offer also include a painting guide from Kevin Dallimore (the second one : I already own the first one that I liked) : I must say that I love reading painting guides, even if after so many (maybe 30) years painting, most of the time I do not learn anything. Still, I like to read, or watch the pictures of those books in places where I can't paint, or to open them as I'm starting a new project, to remind me of some old tricks I've not used for some time.

Finally, there s also a few brushes : I have no clue what they worth but I don t have any illusions : Who know I may have a good surprise !

If you also use the foundry paints and want to share, please do. Maybe have you found some "sets" which are more than a comercial trick and that you enjoy ?

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  1. I only use the Foundry flesh triad, but I do use them a lot. I add a touch of umber when I want to do tanned skin, and use the light tone very sparingly, and only mixed with the mid tone.


  2. On the minies I've sold at Salute, I did used the 3 tones as they are. Thsi is funny as I do use that brighter tone as it is to "emulate" your "bright" style )