vendredi 27 août 2010

Kraken ! - Report N°6 : Prax @ War !

During Kraken, I organised for the second time my "strategic LARP", Prax at War. Set during the invasion of Prax by the lunar Army, it's a mix between a LARP and a strategic game : Players play representatives of the main Praxian and Invaders powers and act in character. The game is happening in the sacred place of the Paps and no real fight can happen between players. Still, in the outside world, armies are following the orders of the players and fighting each other.

For this run, I was helped by Eric Vanel and Dan Barker in making a brand new map. I also reduced the number of players from 36 to 17, concentrating on the most important or fun characters and adding clear objectives to every players to help them focus during the game (as this is something as new for LARPers as it is for Wargamers). I must say thank you again to Eric for giving a hand on some of the characters and helping with a defectuous printer (he had his diner in front of it, making it restart every 3 printed pages !).

The game was run with 3 GM : Eric was in charge of reading orders and managing Time, Gianni Bacca taking care of the fights and myself as the "roleplay" GM. I must say that their help was very welcome and helped a lot in having a smouth gameplay.

Finally, I would say that the game was a blast at least for me and that I was very pleased by the players and how they made my game their game ! I wont go in every subplot that were resolved in surprising and (quite often) very funy ways as I would not like to spoil the game (we re planing on playing it a few other times), and I will just say : Thank you, my Players !

4 commentaires:

  1. I suspect reducing the number of players helped, since there was the central bottleneck of orders (and map).

    I was nostalgic to see all the people I didn't see in Bacharach this year…

  2. Indeed. Also, this being the second time I GMed it, I was more aware of how it was going to work (on a broad vision : many things happened in a different way). Also I twikked the characters to have more conflicts between them.

    This was too bad to not have you. Last Bacharach was the first time we really meet each other, I think, and I really enjoyed our discussions.

  3. It was really good time to help you running this game. Looking at the pictures remind me we discussed about re-make a game in Paris area. It would be great !

  4. That's what I hint to in the last §.

    But not too soon. I still have to catch up with a few things.