mardi 12 juillet 2011

Numidians Army Journal 2

The elephants from Aventine are there (since the 7/711 : they came fast but I try to have a post per day programming them) ! They are very nice. I have 2 kinds of howdah : I'm now waiting for the miniatures who will go inside to make my choice. Sorry for the bad picture, but my camera is not available and I used a webcam (

Les éléphants  sont arrivés (depuis le 7/7/11 : ils ont voyagé rapidement mais j'essaie de programmer mes posts pour qu'il n'y en est qu'un par jour) ! Ils sont vraiment très beaux. J'ai deux types de howdah : j'attends les gars qui vont les occuper pour faire mon choix. Désolé pour la médiocrité de la photo mais mon appareil n'est pas disponible et j'ai du utiliser une webcam (

4 commentaires:

  1. Ah, the familiar and welcome thunk of Aventine baggies on the tabletop.

  2. If you need any help with the Nellies, Simon of BigRedBat is the man to ask.

    He's fondled more than Jonny Morris could ever have hoped to do?

  3. @Paul : Thanks, I know about it, Simon is an (old ?) friend... If I'm so much into wargaming nowadays it's prolly his fault )

  4. Guilty as charged! :-)

    Mind you, Greg can teach me a few things about painting.

    Greg, I took picturwes for the Big Parade, you can probably see them as a draft post on my blog (IIRC you have editorial access).