mardi 29 mars 2011

69th regiment of foot - South Lincoln Regiment

I'm pretty happy on the way the modest conversion of the third private (is he a private or a soldier ?), first rank came out. Still, that's just one more unit. Oh the drummer is "codex" (I ve checked and found 2 discording sources, btw !).

Je suis assez content de la légère conversion du troisième soldat au premier rang. Ceci dit, ce n'est qu'une unité de plus. J'ai vérifié le tambour et il est "codex" (bien que j'ai pu trouver au moins deux sources discordantes à son sujet !).

4 commentaires:

  1. You are really rolling those out! Are you planning for Salute?

  2. I'm planning for this week-end (but they prolly wont be based with grass and the like) !

    Salute will be WW1 (and napoleonics for just you and me and Ian and any other friend, if you want).

  3. Cool. Your painting on those is excellent...

  4. Just finished the 35th too. But I'll make the bases and pictures tomorow... and starts some allied light cavalry for this week-end games (which are going to be my first games).

    About the painting it s not technically hard. I think I finally managed to make some contrasts !