jeudi 3 mai 2012

Soirée du 28 avril

 2 friends, Pizza, cider, C&C Napoleonics (we used the River Coa - 24 july 1810 scenario from the CCN box, even if we played it in 1815), Takenoko (a boardgame) and Kill Zone (the old Grenadier ruleset).
2 copains, de la pizza, du cidre, C&C Napoleonics (scénar River Coa de la boite), Takenoko et Kill Zone (vieille règle de chez Grenadier).












4 commentaires:

  1. Looking very good Greg- I've played that scenario, m'self. I seem to recall that an early French cavalry charge was a useful tactic.


  2. Une bonne soirée en bonne compagnie, des figurines magnifiques, de bonnes pizzas, que demander de plus ?

  3. @BRB : That's the tactic the french used to win. That and the self estim of the british player. I was the referee, myself :)

  4. I did a very bad thing when I played Ian in this scenario. As the French. I used one of the "out of powder" cards to retreat one of his best units back over the river, from where it could play no further part in the game. He wasn't happy! :) Simon