mardi 12 octobre 2010

Mémoir'14 ?

Le week-end dernier, j'ai joué une partie de Mémoir'14... à savoir, une petite adaptation perso (en cours d'afinage) de Memoir'44 au début de la Grande Guerre (j'ai enfin pu utiliser ces figurines peintes il y a plusieurs années !). J'ai pu y jouer contre ma fille et j'espère pouvoir y rejouer bientôt !
Sinon, j'ai re-soclé mes petites "tombes" qui servent à compter les médailles (voir dernière photo).
Last Week-end, I've played a game of Memor'14... A personnal adaptation (still being tested) of Richard Borg's game, set at the begining of the Great War (I finally played with those miniatures for the first time : I painted them like 3 or 4 years ago and never played with them !). I played it with my daughter and I wish I'll play again soon !

I've also re-based the little tombs I use as victory medals (last picture).

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  1. Génial!
    On peut avoir tes idées d'adaptation?
    Super aussi l'idée de Mémoire28
    à bientôt

  2. Tu ferais un heureux, le monsieur du dessus si tu présentais cela à la convention du 13 novembre, il est un grand fan !

  3. C'est très faisable pour le 13 novembre !

    Pour ce qui est des règles de l'adaptation, je prépare un PDF )

  4. I would say that this is an initiation wargame smartly sold as a boardgame. It replace a bunch of tables with a very smart way of handling resistance and probabilities with units size, cover modifier, and specific dices. It also have an interresting command system based on cards.

    So for the newcomer or anyone who do not spend time analyzing the system, yes, that s a boardgame. But if you analyze every details, it s more tahn that.

    It's the same system as Command & Colors, a bit simplified still. This 1914 version is my adaptation and should be released soon as a free PDF.

  5. An interesting idea. I have some WW1 15mm armies that I've not used on a hex grid, yet. Hopefully you can bung me your adaptation sometime?

    Might need to take a couple of cards out the deck which relate to aeroplanes and tanks. Possibly add something for MGs? Hmmm.

    BTW emails from my main address can't get through to you; Spam, I am.

  6. @Simon : The adaptation should be available soon, I'm working on it this afternoon... I may ask you to proofread it before it's released, Simon )

    Yes, some cards are modified, some are replaced and so on, there s specific rules for HMG, officers, cavalry...

    Feel free to spam this place as much as you want !

  7. Sounds good, Greg. Bung me a copy and I'll try them over here. Cheers, Simon

  8. Superbe table comme d'habitude greg.
    Tu as prévu également les cartes dans ton pdf ?

  9. oui, entre autre. Par contre, pas de missions.

  10. superbe bonne idée comme règle!
    Que me conseillerais tu comme armée de base? nombres d'unités?