jeudi 6 mai 2010

Prax at War

I'll be at the Eternal Con in Germany, starting the 21st of May. I'm bringing an old - but still good - game : the Race Around the Block.

I'm also running a freeform set in Glorantha and named "Prax At War", P@W. This is going to be a "normal" freeform, exvcept that the players will send orders to troups moving on a giant map of Prax. I've started to work on the map this evening and it went pretty fast. I plan to add a few details as little houses and palm trees for the oasis...

3 commentaires:

  1. Prax at War sounds and looks like cool thing..! I´d like to know what kind of rules are you planning to use... and how does it work overall? If there´s a short way to explain it :)

  2. Short way : 34 peoples play a live action role playing, with disguise but no latex swords and the like. In the center of the room s the big map. On the map, military units. Every 15 minutes I check the content of an order box and make the moves on the map, and resolve fights.

    Military, we have like 20% invaders, 10% defenders and 70% with no real faction at the begining : so it should be more diplomacy than military.

    The system used to resolve fights is prolly going to be an oversimplified variation on command and colors.