vendredi 4 décembre 2009


HeroQuest is back, Glorantha is back !

I've been studying HeroQuest 2 for some time and I must say that the system has evolved in a very nice way. The rules are written in a simplier fashion, with a lot of examples which are often extremely humourous. The system is now generic and Glorantha is presented only at the end of the book. In a way, this is just what RQ3 did in its time. IMHO, it helps with understanding the rules, especially for the newbies who won't have to figure out what is happening both rule-wise and universe-wise at the same time. Also, the first expansion, Sartar, Kingdom of Heroes is out, and it is fully Gloranthan with very few statistics or rules (HQ2 needs very few - if any - stats, anyway). I've only had a quick look at that one, but it looks excellent.

Ces deux livres sont en anglais. Un anglais meilleur que le mien, ceci dit.

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  1. Haven´t played the Hero Quest yet... I´m still GM for the old school Rune Quest. That is as you said, little hard for the newbies... Over the years the play group and I have made many many many house rules to make it really work... So I guess it´s worth to look at this, and see if the rule system is for me... Thanks for the news :)