mercredi 9 février 2011


8 pions de pertes en plus, avec des "restes" de grappes d'infanterie française. D'ailleurs, grâce à Figbazar, j'ai trouvé quelqu'un qui a bien voulu échanger les Rifles Perry plastic que j'avais peints l'an dernier contre quelques cadavres en plastique issus des mêmes grappes. Si certains parmi vous ne savent pas quoi faire de leurs "cadavres" napo, ça m'intéresse... Et histoire que ce ne soit pas à sens unique, je veux bien peindre 1 vivant par mort récupéré !

8 more casualties counters made with remaining material from the french sprues. I'm still looking for more "corpses" from the Perry and would be happy to paint an alive soldier for every corpse I could get (with an eventual delivery at Salute) !

3 commentaires:

  1. Somehow my earlier comment wont show on this post... :o Well, I wanted to say that those drums on the ground make a great casualty marker! It really looks like some one left in a hurry... "Run lads... Run"!

  2. Very nice. I've been thinking about painting up extra shields to use with my Romans...

  3. @Alexander : reading your post , i thought maybe I could make some counters with shoes and the like (and hat ones are already on the workbench).

    @ BRB : yes, and broken pilums, and eagles and horns (horn should be easy to make with metal wire and green stuff)... horns as the air music instrument... trompette, not the stuff on the head of cows.