mercredi 6 janvier 2010


Challenge was :


Option 1 - 2 Heavy Support Slots from your respective Codices. I say 2 because it's a great chance to get a few tanks complete, or a few Heavy Weapons squads.

Option 2 - A Command Slot. Now I know that these don't exactly exist, but by Command Slot, I mean anything from a Command Squad, Commander, Command Vehicle etc. May be a great oppurtunity to get that squad of model done that's been sitting on the side for ages, or that you have been waiting for the opportunity to paint.

Option 3 - A Fast Attack slot with a minimum points value or 100.


Bonus 1 - A set of Objective Markers. Minimum of 2 large markers (60+mm) OR 3 medium markers (40mm) OR 4-6 small markers (25mm).

Bonus 2 - A defensive piece of scenery for your army. Must be large enough to hold atleast 1 squad of 10 25mm basers. This piece of scenery can be as creative as you wish - An abandoned bunker, a fortified ruin or even a prized bastion. Due to the size of this piece of scenery - 15 painting points will be awarded for it's completion.

Bonus 3 - For 5 points, a Data Sheet for a unit/ model in your current force that characterises them. This can be an Elite unit of squaddies, a Special Character or even a Dreadnought!

I took challenge 1 : A Leman Russ Squadron and a Manticore.

Points :
Vehicles/ Chariots/ Large Monsters – 10 points each = 40
Icons/ Symbols/ Marks – 1 point per model = 4
Eyes/ Lenses/ View Finders – 1 point per model = 4
Walker/ Large Monsters/ Vehicles/ Chariots Details (accessories) and Freehand – 5 points per model = 20
Meeting Deadline – 2 points = 2

TOTAL : 70 points. No tallies to be won on this challenge (no point cost)

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