samedi 28 novembre 2009


Peintes la semaine dernière. Finalisées ce matin. Au lieu du Devalnd Mud habituel, j'ai utilisé de la peinture à l'huile, diluée au white spirit : en gros ce que j'utilise d'habitude pour mes tanks. C'est pas trop mal. Ce sont donc des figurines peintes à l'huile et à l'acrylique.

Sinon, même si j'ai re-travaillé celles du fond, je ne compte que le premier rang pour ce qui est de ma "production" annuelle.

Des photos individuelles viennent d'être publiées sur

Painted last week. Finished this morning. Instead of the Devland Mud, I used a wash of oil paint diluted with White Spirit : the stuff I usually use for my tanks. It's not too bad.

I've reworked the ones in the second rank, but they wont count in my annual production as they were already painted..

Individual pictures have just been published there :

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  1. Fantastic! Really good colors. I love Broos... Is there any place to order Broo miniatures anymore? I´d like to have some for my Rune Quest campaign... Would be nice to know if there is :)

  2. Anything with an animal head/body part or/and a hideous mutation is good. There s tons of places to buy broos. GW is soon releasing a new beastmen codex. Armorcast now own the rights for the herowars minies which include "official" gloranthan broos :

  3. Thank you for info..!I will check that out :)

  4. Great stuff! I too have a soft spot for Brews. I like your choice in colours and the way you have created your own characters using green stuff.